Yad Vashem Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, is the Jewish people’s memorial to the murdered Six Million and symbolizes the ongoing confrontation with the rupture engendered by the Holocaust. Containing the world’s largest repository of information on the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is a leader in Shoah education, commemoration, research and documentation.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The Holocaust Encyclopaedia, by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Nizkor One of Nizkor’s objectives is to seek, solicit, and archive, for worldwide electronic access free of charge, material that deals with the phenomenon and history of hate, especially the Nazi Holocaust, material that documents and exposes such hate, and non-violent methods and tools for combating such hate.
The Holocaust Chronicle The Holocaust Chronicle
NSW Council of Christians and Jews NSW Council of Christians and Jews, Broken Glass…Broken Memories 2009
The Holocaust Teacher Resource Centre The Holocaust Teacher Resource Centre offers teachers, students, and the general public access to Holocaust information
Shamash A source for finding photos which tell the story of the holocaust.
Project Aladdin Project Aladdin is an excellent, very comprehensive resource for Muslim students, teachers and communities.
Sydney Jewish Museum The Sydney Jewish Museum is dedicated to documenting and teaching the history of the Holocaust, focusing on its origins, impact and contemporary significance. In addition, the Museum tells the story of Judaism and Jews in Australia, illustrating the richness of Jewish life by showing its traditions. The world-class museum challenges visitors’ perceptions of democracy, morality, social justice and human rights and celebrates the tolerant and pluralist society we live in as Australians.
Jewish Holocaust Centre The Jewish Holocaust Centre was the fulfilment of a vision by Melbourne Holocaust survivors to create a memorial to the millions of Jews who were murdered between 1933 and 1945. The Centre was established under the patronage of Yad Vashem, Jerusalem and, from its humble beginnings in 1984, has grown to become an active and internationally-recognised institution dedicated to combating racism, hatred and prejudice by fostering tolerance and understanding.
American Heroes Channel Nazi Hunters

Online Testimonies

USC Shoah Foundation Institute USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
Yale Yale University Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies 
We Remember
USHMM United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Personal Histories
USHMM United States Holocaust Memorial Museum online survivor testimony workshop
Yad Vashem Survivor testimonies – Yad Vashem video channel