Sydney Jewish Museum

The Sydney Jewish Museum is a world class historic and cultural institution dedicated to documenting and teaching the history of the Holocaust and fostering understanding of the Jewish faith and culture. The museum has state of the art classroom and lecture facilities that can accommodate groups of all sizes with evening and Sunday sessions held upon consultation.

They invite School groups and Professionals to hear powerful and moving testimonies from Holocaust Survivors, participate in specialised education programs and enrich their understanding of the Museum by taking part in guided tours.

By studying the actions and decisions made by individuals and institutions during the Holocaust, the museum hopes to challenge existing perceptions of democracy and morality and to help visitors gain fresh insights into their responsibilities today.

Primary and High School Programs

The Museum offers a diverse range of educational programs and opportunities for secondary and primary school students. Programs are linked to NSW Board of Studies Syllabus outcomes and can be tailore

Notable speakers series

The museum holds their Notable Speaker Series – a program of talks with award winning authors, including Jackie French, Thomas Keneally AO and Morris Gleitzman.

Classroom Resources

The museum has a number of classroom resources, including a Scope and Sequence written by the Sydney Jewish Museum for the Australian National Curriculum.

All teacher and classroom resources written by the Sydney Jewish Museum are designed to support teaching of the Holocaust under the Australian syllabus.

Professionals Program

The Museum operates training programs for professionals from all backgrounds including the Australian Police, Health Care Professionals and Human Resource practitioners. Their programs are inspired by the idea that critical and historic reflection can transform minds and attitudes.Areas of specialisation include:

  • Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace
  • Resilience
  • Ethical decision making
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Corporate training days

Teacher Training and Resources

The Museum partners with school teachers to assist them in teaching the Holocaust and other aspects of Jewish history. The Sydney Jewish Museum offers a two-day professional development seminar which is designed to address the outcomes of the newly developed Australian National Curriculum. Participants will be provided with teaching materials for classroom use.  Teachers will hear testimony from a Holocaust survivor, as well as be taken on specialised guided tours of the Museum and its archives.

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